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23rd South China International Printing Industry Exhibition

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23rd South China International Printing Industry Exhibition

Exhibition venue: Exhibition Hall B of Guangzhou Import and Export Commodities Fair

Date: 2-4 March 2016

Exhibition Model: Automatic Forming and Folding Machine FB-450W

TZ-600J Fully Automatic Four-corner Corner Veneer

Feida paster FS-850

LOGO Detector

The theme of this exhibition is "Opening Intelligent Packaging Towards Industrial 4.0", because it is the first exhibition in the past year, and jointly organized by the 2016 China International Label Exhibition, the number of visitors on the spot is endless, and manufacturers have brought the latest hot and fresh products to the exhibition. Our latest research and development of automatic forming folding machine is improved to adapt to more types of box. Our marketing elite will take this as a starting point to fully launch marketing activities in 2016. Although this year's economic environment is severe, we must face difficulties and continue to solve problems for our customers and create value.

Following is the live broadcast of the exhibition.~