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2017.4.11-14 Shanghai International Color Box Packaging Exhibition

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China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition of Post-press Processing and Packaging Technology and Equipment in 2015

China (Guangzhou) International Printing and Packaging Paper Exhibition

Exhibition venue: Pazhou Pali Expo Hall, Guangzhou

Date 17-19 November 2015

Exhibition Model: Automatic Forming and Folding Machine FB-420X

TZ-600J Fully Automatic Four-corner Corner Veneer

K-KZ1200 Automatic Slotting Machine

YZ-901T Fully Automatic Tobacco Pack Cutting Machine

This is our third time to participate in the exhibition, accumulated previous experience, our business team is more skilled in introducing our products to the customers who visit the exhibition on site. During the exhibition, 3.4 customers have been attracted to fulfill the orders of automatic forming folding machine FB-420X on the spot. Congratulations, with the enthusiasm of customers and trust in us, we will work harder!