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2016 China International Color Box Exhibition

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2016 China International Color Box Exhibition

Exhibition venue: Houjie Modern International Exhibition Center, Dongguan, Guangdong

Date 14-16 April 2016

Exhibition Model: Automatic Forming and Folding Machine FB-450W

Automatic slotting machine KZ1200

Feida paster FS-850

This is our second time to participate in the international color box exhibition. At the same time of the fourth exhibition this year, the scale of the exhibition is huge. This exhibition gathers high-end color box packaging and printing enterprises focusing on back-processing in Asia to provide exhibitors with face-to-face exchanges and communication opportunities with exhibitors with high purchasing ability and intentions. We have made full preparations for this exhibition half a year in advance, and our market development. All the staff of the department, with the fullest enthusiasm, welcome the customers who come to the exhibition to visit and guide. Following is our live broadcast of the exhibition.-


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