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PCB board in the production process of dust, chip, particles, Hair Solutions

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For most domestic SMT manufacturers, SMT substrate surface cleaner is still a strange equipment. But in Europe, America and Japan, SMT surface cleaner for fully automatic SMT production line has been developed for 6 to 8 years. At present, large and medium-sized customers have added it to SMT automatic production line as a powerful weapon to improve quality, and gradually become one of the necessary equipment. TOYOTA and PANASONIC are the representative manufacturers.

SMT surface cleaner or PCB surface cleaner is mainly used to clear the dust, debris, particles, hair, glass fiber contaminants on PCB board before solder paste printing, so as to eliminate potential defects of poor quality such as virtual welding and short circuit after printing and reflow welding, further improve product quality and meet the requirements of high performance assembly.

As the world's top professional SMT surface cleaner factory, from 2000 onwards from the original manual roller cleaning to semi-automatic surface cleaner to today's online full-automatic surface cleaner, Weimeng Machinery has been committed to the SMT industry's most needed cleaning equipment research and development and production, while actively absorbing customer requirements and all from the actual use effect considerations, and constantly improve. By the end of 2008, a number of PCB surface cleaning equipment, such as SIMENSE, SONY, TOYOTA and PANASONIC, have been introduced and put into use. Currently, for the Chinese market, the latest models are: brush type, vacuum type, dust-contaminated roller type, composite type, especially WM-400D-KE, which has comprehensive cleaning effect and can save the use of sticky paper. Be loved by customers.