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2015 International Color Box Exhibition - Successful

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The First China International Color Box Exhibition in 2015--Successful


At the invitation of Lizhan Expo Group, Xuhai Company participated in the China International Color Box Exhibition on Houjie, Dongguan, from September 16 to September 18, 2015. This exhibition, Xuhai took FB-420 automatic forming folding machine, KZ1200 automatic slotting machine (cardboard opener) and Y901T automatic cigarette bag cutting machine to show the process of replacing hand-made hard box series with gift box, mobile phone box and cigarette box. Solutions to improve efficiency, consolidate existing cooperative relationships, and also explore a large number of potential customers, laying the foundation for market development.

China International Color Box Exhibition is a professional exhibition of color box processing equipment and consumables industry. The exhibition has a scale of 25,000 square meters. More than 300 well-known enterprises gather to show more than 600 sets of high-end and cost-effective professional equipment and more than 800 consumables for the post-printing process of color boxes. It covers all production links and processes of paper packaging products such as folding cartons, cardboard boxes and paper bags. The exhibition integrates purchasing, technology, information, trade and education, focusing on the advanced information and technology of paper products packaging, providing enterprises with high-quality solutions for energy saving, consumption reduction, efficient production, upgrading and transformation, and helping color box manufacturers to improve procurement efficiency and save investment costs. It is a key platform for enterprises to open up new market areas and enhance profit growth point.

Many emerging brands have risen quietly. How to use intelligence and mechanization to improve the efficiency of traditional manual hard box production, and provide customers with upgrading and transformation schemes in the battle of market competition filled with smoke of gunpowder, energy saving and consumption reduction are the issues that every enterprise must think deeply about in the production of traditional packaging post-press equipment. Xuhai insights into the current domestic printing and packaging industry market, and takes this professional platform to the national and global packaging industry, showing Xuhai's unique vision of product technology. At the exhibition, the staff gathered practical wisdom of information application explanation, which brought inspiration for printing and packaging enterprises to overcome their own management bottlenecks and achieve faster development.

For printing and packaging enterprises, how to reduce labor input and increase production is the main problem of sustainable development of enterprises. Therefore, in the process of visiting and purchasing, packaging enterprises recognize the automation, high efficiency and one-person operation function of automatic forming folding machine. The FB-420 automatic forming folding machine and KZ1200 automatic slotting machine (cardboard opener) on display in Xuhai of this exhibition have attracted the strong interest and wide attention of exhibitors.

During the three-day exhibition (September 16-18), Xuhai exhibition booth attracted numerous visitors, and the staff always communicated with the exhibitors with enthusiasm and patience. The characteristics and advantages of the exhibits were closely related to the equipment needs of most small-scale printing and packaging industries. The staff's excellent speeches and demonstrations were vividly displayed, and the professional audience and exhibitors on the exhibition floor were fully displayed. After the industry has a certain understanding of the products, they all show strong cooperation intentions.

In today's mechanical intellectualization, to grasp demand is to grasp tomorrow. Xuhai will provide professional and efficient information solutions for packaging industry with a more mature and professional attitude, which will contribute to the prosperity and development of packaging post-press equipment industry.

The following is the live broadcast of our exhibition:




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